Yacht Cleaning:

All set for that trip on your yacht in the Mediterranean Sea? Did you already clean your yacht for that amazing tour? The last thing that you want is that you or your passengers have to sit on an dirty sofa during the trip, or even worse to sleep on a dirty mattress.

What is the reason you booked that trip through the Mediterranean Sea? The most common reason from our costumers is that they want to clear their mind. What is better than having a clear mind in the clearest waters in the world!? A clean space means a clean mind, so wait no longer to have it taken care of.


A yacht might not be something is cleaned everyday, so make sure when it is time, you have it done it the right way! Still having questions about how to clean your yacht? The answer is simple, Bufferboys.
Bufferboys is a professional cleaning company that makes use of only the latest technology. Their cleaning technicians are highly trained and full of knowledge, with the right experience that delivers quality, every time.

There are a several services that they offer, always focussing on detecting and removing harmful allergy causing Dust Mites, Moulds, Bacteria & Fungi. For example: Cleaning & restoration of Hard Flooring,  all Upholstery, Leather & Vinyl, Deep Vacuuming of Mattresses and Furniture, Sanitisation all mattresses, full Leather care system.

When you’ve used Buffer Boys services before then you need no convincing. If you’ve never used their services before or, still doubts about the service then we’ll be delighted to give you a free demonstration on any furniture aboard your yacht. In that way you can see with your own eyes what our technology is and what our professional cleaners are able to achieve.

There is nothing better than being on a clean boat with a clear mind enjoying a day on the Mediterranean sea!

Call Buffer Boys today for more information on their services or see a free demonstration! If you ever need your yacht to shin like new once more, look no further than Buffer Boys professional cleaning services.

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