Sofa Cleaning:

After a long day of hard working, it’s finally time to relax! Kick off your shoes and take a small nap on your lovely sofa. You’re probably too tired to check out the sofa’s if there are any spots in it that doesn’t belong there. Don’t mind yourself because most of the people do the same. After a while laying down on the sofa you start to sneeze, you start to cough and your eyes are turning wet or red.

Dust Mites:

It is not your fault, it’s also not the fault of your sofa but it’s the fault of the 1.000.000 dust mites that live very peaceful in your sofa. You start to wonder ‘’is it your fault that they live in your sofa’’? ‘’Is the sofa in a very bad conditioning or just made of bad materials’’? Definitely not! Dust Mites are everywhere. Dust Mites live in surroundings from 20 till 35 degrees. Luckily for us (Maltese civilians), we don’t get that temperatures here(sarcasm). The average temperature in Malta & Gozo is between those temperatures. So like I mentioned before, dust mites are everywhere! They are probably living in the chair of the judge right now.


But how do we get rid of things that we can’t even see? Well, the answer is just that easy, just use a Kirby for cleaning your sofa! First of all, vacuum your sofa. Second, add the shampoo system to the Kirby and do the same thing that you did without the shampoo system added. When you’re finished with the shampoo system, just vacuum it again like you did before you added the shampoo system. That’s it! The dust mites are gone now for almost 6 months.

Oowh Whoops, I’m very sorry, I forgot that not everyone has such a powerful machine like the Kirby. But what to do when you don’t have a Kirby at home? Well, the answer on this question is even easier than on the first question. Call Bufferboys! Bufferboys is a professional cleaning company that’s specialized in cleaning sofa’s mattresses and carpets. Bufferboys uses exactly the same machine like mentioned before ‘’the Kirby’’. The only difference is that you don’t clean the sofa by yourself. Let our proffesional cleaners take care of your sofa.

Still not persuaded by the service that Bufferboys can offer you or just about the Kirby itself? Give us a call! We can give you advise about how to clean your sofa with the Kirby. If you got any further questions about our services, just ask for a free demonstration or an free dust mite inspection! We are sure you’ll be wow-ing when you see our demonstration with your own eyes.

So wait no longer, because the problem doesn’t solve itself!

We hope to help you with your health problems by giving your sofa a big clean up.

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