Hotel Cleaning:

On this moment Bufferboys is the only professional cleaning company in Malta & Gozo. In Malta we work together with the Seabank Hotel, Dragonara Resort, multiple cinemas and many other big commercial and hotel clients in Malta and Gozo.

Dust Mites

The last thing that you want for your Hotel is bad reviews of your costumers. The most common bad reviews are because of the dirty rooms. As example: a mattress that isn’t clean, a dirty pillow or some nasty spots on a carpet. But what’s even worse is that the guests will become sick because of your dirty room. For example: Dust mites in your mattresses. Those Dust Mites can’t be seen with your own eyes but you can get a heavily asthma attack by them. So how to clean something that you can’t see with your own eyes?


The best way to clean it is by the Kirby. A Kirby is an home care system meant for vacuum cleaning. What the Kirby makes really special is that is holds the unique patent of a ‘deep vacuum’ technique that is essential in the ground work needed in the effective cleaning of carpets, curtains, upholstery and mattresses.

We are sure to believe that your employees do their very best to clean all the rooms in your hotel. But remember one thing, due lack of technology doing your best is not always good enough.

So why would you chose Bufferboys? Like I mentioned before, Bufferboys is the only professional cleaning company in Malta and Gozo. We have experienced cleaners that have been doing their jobs with fun for years now. We also have the disposal of the latest technologies. Bufferboys can offer you the best Kirby service and that is something to be proud of. There aren’t many companies in the world that can tell you the same. Especially in Malta and Gozo because Bufferboys is the only cleaning company who can offer you this quality with an 100% money back guarentee.

Still got your doubts about the service that we can offer for you? No worries! We are very pleased to give you a free demonstration or a free dust mite inspection! You can see with your own eyes what our employees and what our technology can do to your furniture.

Contact us to see what we can offer you, or (if you’re not persuaded yet) for an free dust mite inspection or an free demonstration!

We would be very pleased to clean your Hotel and leave it behind in a brand new state!

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