Natural Ways to Help Asthma Instead of Using Dangerous Experimental Drugs

The medical industry is delivering breakthrough drugs such as Fevipiprant. This is a new experimental drug for Asthma sufferers with horrible side effects. Sadly we do not know the long term effects of these new drugs yet. This is why Buffer Boys focus on removing dust mites and Asthma causing bacteria with there Professional Cleaning Services. For all clients with Asthma they offer a complimentary pillow sanitisation included in their mattress sanitisation service.


Fevipiprant (INN; code name QAW039) is a drug being developed by Novartis which acts as a selective, orally available antagonistof the prostaglandin D2 receptor 2 (DP2 or CRTh2).[1][2][3]

As of 2016, it is in Phase IIclinical trials for the treatment of asthma.[4]

Lack of Research Into New Asthma Drug

As quoted by European Health Association:

More research is needed and we’re a long way off seeing a pill for asthma being made available over the pharmacy counter, but it’s an exciting development and one which, in the long term, could offer a real alternative to current treatments.

Natural Remedy for Asthma

By using a Machine called a Kirby, Buffer Boys is able to penetrate your mattress and all soft furnishings and safely remove bacteria and Dust Mites that cause Asthma and Allergies. There mattress cleaning service is very cheap and effective, I used to sneeze every night and I have not sneezed more than a few times since I started having my mattress cleaned by Buffer Boys every 3-6 months. They spend 15 minutes each side and the machine penetrates 6 inches each side. They also do headboards and Sideboards. The Kirby vacuum utilizes a HEPA Filter of 0.001 mcn. That is the same level of filtering as hospitals use for open heart surgery.

After cleaning, Buffer Boys spray with a non-toxic eco-friendly product called ActiGaurd which protects your mattress against bacteria and dust mites for up to 6 months.