Ashtma is horrible! I have it and I suffered everyday until I purchased a Kirby from Buffer Boys professional cleaning service in Malta, now I vacuum my mattresses and soft furnishings weekly and my symptoms have dramatically reduced. My home is different in a sense, like you can feel the clean air inside i can say it is an amazing feeling.

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So earlier this week I was informed by a friend of mine while I was out shopping for cleaning products that Buffer Boys are now offering totally free no-obligation Dust Mite Inspection for you and your neighbors to help spread the awareness of Malta Asthma and Allergies issue, Malta is now 2.5X higher than Sicily and the leading country in Europe for Asthma and Allergy sufferers. Buffer Boys is working with residents to offer free health information and Dust Mite Inspections plus a bit of free cleaning and asking that just in return you spread the word about the issue so we can tackle it together as a country.

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People suffer terribly from Allergies during spring especially with the humidity levels so high and the pollution in Malta is ridiculous from the over population and insane amount of cars on the road here on the island.

Even if you don’t have Asthma or suffer from allergies (wow you lucky person!) then I’m sure you would agree with the philosophy of Buffer Boys that prevention is better than cure.

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Now more than ever people are contracting Asthma at later stages of there life mainly due to Dust Mites or living in damp environments where bacteria flourishes. With today’s construction, double glazed windows etc, we close our homes and the dust builds up inside providing the perfect dark and humid places for dust mites to flourish and cause you issues. Don’t miss out on the chance to prevent health and skin issues by just giving Buffer Boys about 5 minutes of your time.


Buffer Boys utilizing a HEPA filtration system on there powerful vacuums that are designed to penertrate 6 inches into your fabric or mattress to safely provide the number 1  dust mite removal service in malta.



young boy using asthma inhaler child asthmatic model released
young boy using asthma inhaler child asthmatic model released


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