Buffer Boys are the only company in Malta & Gozo that can prove Laboratory Certified Mattress cleaning, sanitation and stain removal for a cheap price. Partnered with ADLS laboratories Buffer Boys offers clients a chance to get a certificate of sanitation after the mattress cleaning has been completed.


Dust mites are small organisms that are related to spiders. They live by consuming dead skin cells and are well-suited for warm and damp environments. Dust mites can cause allergies in some people as a result of a protein found on their body, resulting in irritation and inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses. Dust mites are extremely common, but high quantities of them can result in severe allergies. Dust mites can be detected using several methods.


Buffer Boys professional mattress cleaning service in Malta & Gozo is carried out by specially trained professional equipped and trained in the safe and efficient application of cleaning equipment and systems. The equipment used is similar to the machines used for steam carpet cleaning and the process itself is also quite similar. First the mattress is subjected to heavy duty vacuuming with the Kirby Avalir which removes all loose bits of dirt, debris, dust, pollen, bacteria and insect eggs. Next is the application of a cleaning solvent that removes all organic or chemical stains from the mattress. Usually, the mattress will be ready to use in a few hours after the cleaning session.