Why change your Malta cleaning company

Number One Reason Businesses Change Cleaning Companies

Malta businesses that hire cleaning companies to complete their cleaning sometimes get very frustrated with the services. Simply because no company offers deep vac sanitation and deep stain removal. We offer a professional service that covers all your needs with a full satisfaction guarantee. Whether it is a hotel, office, restaurant or home which is receiving daily attention, our recommendation is to do in depth sanitation at least twice a year.

Commercial Cleaning ComplaintsThe Complaint

The way these issues are handled makes all the difference, an excellent company stands out by it’s customer service and Buffer Boys is no exception.

When clients find problems with their cleaning service they need to communicate a complaint. We take pride in being only company in Malta perhaps even in Europe to handle complaints immediately and offer a 100% money back guarantee, that’s how important customer satisfaction is to us.

Many cleaning companies are afraid to answer their phones because they fear the dreaded ‘complaint’. Buffer Boys looks at such client contact as an opportunity to rectify and improve service and to solidify the relationship with our customers. That’s the only way to perfect our business, your feedback can help us strive to learn and grow.

Not Complaints but Feedback

If a complaint is received we train our staff immediately to create corrective action immediately and we keep the to review the feedback. We use this feedback to improve your service and give better customer service. We talk to clients to get a better understanding of what the issue is and agree about the fix for the issue immediately. We call our client again to make sure the issue has been resolved and to verify everything is up to their satisfaction. The feedback we receive is valuable because we learn about how to better offer our services, no company is perfect and there will always be unforseen issues. The way this issues are handled makes the difference an excellent company stands out by customer service of our clients and about your staff, we use this feedback to our advantage.

communication for janitorial servicesCommunication

The number one reason businesses change cleaning services is because lack of communication. There is nothing more frustrating than calling your cleaning company to voice your concern and one of the following happens:

  1. No answer, you leave a message, no return call.
  2. Answer, you voice your issue and they argue with you.
  3. Answer, they agree with you yet nothing changes.

Buffer Boys is a professional cleaning company in Malta that believes communication is key. We strive to have all methods of communication with our clients. Phone calls, emails, texts are always welcome and we pride ourselves and handling all customer service issues immediately. We try our best to avoid having the clients to voice their concern more than once and if they do leave a message we respond within 12 hours.

Janitorial Services logbookAnother form of communication that we find is popular with our clients are logbooks. We keep logbooks in strategic areas of the building where people can write in issues they might have. This logbook is checked every visit by our staff and periodically by the managers.

Complaints give us the opportunity to demonstrate our excellent customer service, grow as a company, train our staff and learn better way to serve our clients.

Should you Change to Buffer Boys Company?

If your cleaning company handles feedback in a negative manner, maybe it is time to change your provider?

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Cleaning professionals always strive to grow and learn. If you are looking for a company who’s number one priority is customer service, give us a call. We will be more than happy to serve your commercial cleaning needs.