Proven by extensive tests, reviews and over 100 years of operation, the Kirby Vacuum technology has no competitors, it is simply put, THE BEST!


Please review the official page by Kirby to see how no other vacuum technology can compete against the almighty Kirby:

So if you have read the page linked above, now you know the true power of the Kirby!

Awesome! now read some of their customer reviews:

As you can see Kirby has a massive positive feedback surrounding it.



All vacuum cleaners are not created equal. They all have their own set of features, accessories and functions. But none can offer the broad capabilities, reliability and longevity you receive from the Avalir® II cleaning system.

With the adjustable height, canister cleaning tools, carpet shampooer, hard floor cleaning options and HEPA filtration to name a few, there are many capabilities that make Kirby vacuum systems stand out from the rest.

Kirby vacuums are only just becoming available now in Malta and Gozo exclusively through our partner Buffer Boys. You can buy a brand new Kirby or if you’re on a lower budget a professionally reconditioned model from them at competitive prices.

  • Reconditioned models are reconditioned by a certified by Kirby professional.
  • New models are totally brand new!

A salesperson from Buffer Boys can come to your home or business and give you a free demonstration and educate you further on the technology behind the Kirby.