Our grandparents and parents regularly dragged their mattresses out on the roof on a sunny day for few hours. They knew the science behind it and cared for us. The heat killed the dust mites and absorbed the odor.
However, due to the weight and composition of the modern mattress, lack of time and non-availability of space we do not do that anymore. It is important to note that this method did little about the excrement of mites, which is the root of allergic reaction. In addition, dust mites are not only found in mattress but also in other fabric items like sofas, carpets, curtains, duvets, pillows etc. causing various allergies.


1/3rd of the day is spent sleeping, and yet, you and your family are  sleeping on a bed infested with mites, allergens and other invisible germs, without even realizing it. Take your health in to your own hands. 

Here is the actual picture of contamination from one side of the mattress. This is what you sleep on and breathe in.


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