Buffer Boys certified professional cleaning services in Malta and Gozo


Check them out today to get your Hard Floor, Mattresses, Curtains, Blinds, Carpets, Rugs, Yachts, Boats, Offices, Hotels and everything else in-between cleaned by certified professionals.

Our official partner for cleaning services in Malta and Gozo present to you a high quality cleaning service covering all of your needs, contact them today to get CLEANED!

Cleaning Services in Malta often lack a professional approach and done by cowboys, Buffer Boys offers Lab Certification of there cleaning services and is the leading cleaning service in Malta and now covering Gozo!


Got allergies? Most allergies come from unclean mattresses and sofas, consider how much time you spend in bed and relaxing on your sofa, all the time your body is shedding its dead skin in microscopic amounts, the problem is in Maltas hot humid and dusty climate there is a big environment for dust mites to live and bread inside of your mattresses,sofas,carpets and upholsty!

Getting upholsty and mattress cleaned and lab certified by Buffer Boys in Malta or Gozo now to feel an immediate change in your home!

Buffer Boys offer a free demonstration with no obligation!

Call them today to get a demonstration and see really what lives inside your home! Buffer Boys also offer the Kirby world leading vacuum machines for sale! New & Reconditioned models are available.


The best cleaning service in Malta and Gozo, check them out now!

contact me directly for more info on buffer boys services:

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  •  tel: +356 2010 3050
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