The Kirby Avalir Vacuum:


Our partners Buffer Boys are the only place in Malta where you can purchase a brand new or reconditioned Kirby Avalir. Pay in monthly installments with a deposit or pay all at once. Got questions? read below or contact us!


Kirby is the leading manufacturer of vacuum machine technology for over 100 years!



As the newest member of the Kirby Company vacuums family, the Avalir home care system has quite a reputation to live up to. Every time we release a new Kirby home care system, it is our goal to make improvements to give customers the best available cleaning power and usability on the market.

What the Avalir Kirby Vacuum System Offers:

What sets the Kirby Avalir system apart from other popular models currently available for sale? There are many things that make all Kirby vacuum systems unique, but some of the highlights of the Avalir system include:

  • Powerful airflow combined with HEPA filtration
  • Updated Multi Surface Shampoo System cleans hard wood floors, tile and vinyl
  • TechDrive® power assist makes the unit easy to push
  • LED headlight lights up the brightest corners
  • Wide selection of practical attachments
  • And more!


Test the Kirby technology in your own home, for free! Call now to setup an appointment!




We invite you to try the Kirby home care system before making a purchase. For over 100 years, The Kirby Company has sold its home care systems through in-home demonstrations by authorized, independent Distributors.

There’s simply no better way to experience the superior cleaning power of the Kirby vacuum than to try it in the comfort of your own home. Not only is Kirby Avalir a Vacuum cleaner, it can also shampoo carpets, clean hard floors and comes with a whole range of attachments and tools. The technology behind the motor inside of the Kirby Avalir is based on the physics of a Jet Engine, no other machine on the market can compare with the Kirby Avalir.

Do you want to buy a Kirby Avalir? Contact our sponsor Buffer Boys below

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Buying a Kirby Avalir in Malta

Buying a Kirby in Malta:

You can arrange for one of there trained team to come to your home or business and arrange a totally free non-obligatory demonstration. Buffer Boys can also teach you how to use your Kirby once you have purchased it.

If you’re worried about money or if the Kirby Avalir system is worth your hard earned cash, you can also choose to pay a deposit and then pay monthly for your Kirby Avalir instead of purchasing it at full price.

Buffer Boys in Malta also can supply you with any additional Kirby related equipment, carpet shampoo, replacement parts, servicing and things like the Kirby zip brush or official Kirby vacuum bags. Anything related to the Avalir home care system we can provide you with.


Kirby being used to clean a carpet by Buffer Boys
A previous model of a Kirby being used to Deep Vac (DDV) a carpet by Buffer Boys


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to email me and I can answer anything you need to know about the complete Kirby Avalir system and how to buy one in Malta or Gozo.

Buffer Boys are currently the only company in Malta to provide services and products associated with Kirby and to sell the new Kirby Avalir home care system.


Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Josh.